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The beginning

Life isnt always butterflies and roses.Matter a fact it can be almost unbearable at times.You always have to remember to do your best and keep your head up. Why you might ask that is simple with hard times comes hard lessons . With every lesson you learn aka mistake you make remember to change theContinue reading “The beginning”


Anything in moderation won’t kill you as insane no man’s happy is that of less or any worse than another man’s head as in saying one man is no better than the other I had to go is ahead but regardless what you think of it or how you consider it or how you labelContinue reading “Moderation”

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never repeat the same process and expect a different result quote Albert Einstein I’d find that as meaning you can’t repeat the same discrimination as you was taught as a child to your children or it’ll never end thus don’t repeat the same process you will talk but yet

When you go to mold your children into our future like sure to leave out the mistakes that you were given as a child the discrimination that hatred for if a child is to grow up without that and then how can they teach what they don’t know and how will it exist in generations to come

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